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1P-LSD is a novel semi-synthetic psychedelic material of the lysergamide class. It is closely connected to LSD and is reported to produce near-identical results.The pharmacology of 1P-LSD is unknown. Nevertheless, it produces psychedelic results by acting on serotonin receptors in the brain. Thinking about where to order 1P- LSD Online then visit our site.

The native synthesis date of this product is unknown. Similar most research chemicals, 1P-LSD has no prior record in the scientific literature. The first detail use surfaced in 2015 following its appearance on the online research chemical market. It is a legal replacement to LSD alongside other novel lysergamides like ALD-52, ETH-LAD, and AL-LAD.

This product has effects which are very similar to those of LSD. In theory, it perform as a prodrug for LSD.Very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 1P-LSD. It has alike toxicity and risk profile as LSD. However, no evidence currently exists to help this. Also,harm reduction practices are necessary when in contact with this substance.Wever, no evidence currently exists to support this. Buy 1P- LSD Online from our website with reliable prices. Also,harm reduction practices are necessary when in contact with this substance.

Buy 1P- LSD Online

If you are thinking, how can you order 1p lsd online in our shop, and what is the price per sheet? You will find the answers on our home page! We are a chemical research company that supplies 1p lsd acid for sale online.
1p lsd is not subject to hydrolysis, which means that a comprehensive analysis will not open prohibited components; legit check is a stable compound that does not need special treatment. I mean that 1p lsd does not source chemical reactions upon contact with air even at high humidity (from 70% to 90%). 1p lsd becomes the desirable lsd 25 only when taken orally (by swallowing), thus, it is totally legal to carry! It is necessary to mention that many researchers add lsd to liquid to study methods of micro-dosing, but others say that 1p lsd for sale itself is the best way to experience the new world!

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